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You see, while in some ways men are all the same, in reality it may be slightly different when you’re trying to get the attention of someone of a different race.There are a lot of things you need to consider such as values, principles, tradition, etc.With gorgeous brown skin, bold brown eyes and sexy black hair it is no wonder the Philippines has one of the most beautiful ladies in the world.Through the years, Philippine women who were sent to international beauty contests have been runners up, if not, won the crown.Shower, shave and dress to impress, and you are one step closer to getting her sweet “yes! If you are looking for a woman who is worthy of building a lasting relationship and spending the rest of your life with, you should definitely consider dating a Filipina.You are must be wondering why considering that long distance relationships are not the easiest to live with.And when it’s finally time for you guys to meet up in person, remember to dress nicely but modestly.

They are caring, patient and loving, and they will definitely show you how much they are into you if you give them the chance. If you are looking into dating foreigners, there are a couple of things you need to understand.

Appropriately dressing up for your first date gives a great first impression.

If there is one thing that a solid relationship relies on, it is the wholehearted trust earned by your partner.

Everywhere in the world, the Filipina is standing out and making her mark. From spectacular achievements in the arts and sciences to dominant performances in beauty pageants worldwide, the Filipina can truly do it all, with her exceptional talent, ability and beauty. The Filipina is anything and everything she wants to be. This 2014, we celebrate the Beyond Beautiful Filipina. She will eat 10 times more rice than you, but no matter how much extra rice she orders, she will still stay super slim and skinny! Whenever she points at something, she will use her lips 8. She knows what the word “malambing” means and she lives by that ideal (I love this one! Although she’s malambing (sweet), she also has a natural born leader’s drive within her. Her cooking is so good, that you’ll never want to eat out at restaurants again. She takes 3 million selfies a day (slight exaggeration) @Intimate Manila Muse Sheila Snow (instagram @iam Sheila Snow) 2.

She LOVES karaoke and will fight for the karaoke microphone if she needs to 3.

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