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William concentrated on the business side, Frank provided the engineering expertise. Their Nottingham factory was expanded, and production continued there until 1966. For the first time the new company used the Coptic Cross logo on the engines.

The brothers were committed Christians and strictly teetotal, refusing to supply their products to companies such as breweries, whom they did not approve of. Specialities: gas engines, oil engines, petrol, benzine and alcohol engines, gas producer plants, the "Otto" patent gas engine, motor car and omnibus engines. Previously, this had only appeared on Crossley Motors products — the rights to use it had to be bought from British Leyland.

The Council and Mike have kindly allowed us to use extra footage taken for that video to have our own short promo video produced.

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We also have a stray cat that seems to have adopted us.This is your chance to build an engine – without getting your hands dirty!This link to our Gardner 4t5 jigsaw will test out your dexterity and special awareness. The record for assembly to date is 4 minutes 29 seconds for this 50 piece puzzle.In 1988 it became part of the Rolls-Royce Power Engineering group.More than 100,000 Crossley oil and gas engines have been built.

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