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I was issued prescription inserts for these, but was not issued the glasses. Wear long johns or other layers to bed and you wont be nearly as warm. This jacket keeps the wind and rain, very warm and at the same time is easy enough. I think this jacket is better than N3B, Alpha Industries is the level of jackets the spiewak company. I hunt during all seasons and they are they ideal boot for that purpose!The inserts fit well, glasses wrap around and have both clear and shaded inserts. Also, only guy in camp who didnt have fancy electric blankets or whatever. Bought these for my older brother to replace a set he was issued in the army back in the 70's. These are really the only boots i would want to wear with my uniform. They are also great for construction and I often use them for plowing!I used it last winter and could not have been happier or warmer. This desert boots also serve civilian purpose as i have been wearing them with my straight jean trousers.So i hereby recommend them for any body loving smart, beautiful and protective above all, light weight boots.Other attachments such as groin, deltoid protectors, side panels, neck protectors and many other attachments can be mounted to it for maximum protection from ballistic threats but is not designed to protect from stabbing and cutting.My only complaint is the funky smell but that’ll disappear after a while. I first became aware of this product six years ago when I was bedridden and needed a toilet next to my bed. I have the jacket as well and it was oversized as an outer garment should be.

The materials used vary to my colleagues identical Alpha Industries jacket that he purchased directly through the manufacturers website. It was bought as a birthday gift for my husband who spent 8 yrs in the Army Infantry. He has been saying for years how much he loved his Woobie. Worth paying the extra $ to get something or this quality that's made right here in the land of the free and the home of the brave.I usually purchase about 100 of these blankets a year, so I expect some wear and tear.Only 2 of them did not contain numerous quarter sized holes and larger or stains that covered the majority of the blanket.For the price, way better than any folding shovel you can get from Walmart or the like. I would not hesitate to order another E-tool from Mc Guire Army Navy, they were honest, priced very fair, and their service is awesome. Actually, better than real deal, since it was new, and didnt have the funk from previous Soldiers in it. Trust me when I say, this vest is extremely durable, great quality and is so nice I'm purchasing the jacket style too.Smith & Wesson hired the perfect company to create this vest! Highly recommend you stop searching and get this now.

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