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I was super excited when asked me to write a blog about my journey because it’s one that my husband and I are so excited to be on.

I have been on Google so much reading people’s stories, so I’m glad to have my outlet here.

I’m signed over at Warner Music and my second album is about to be out. But what I’ve always wanted to be was a mom — so this will be by far the best job. Born and raised in Virginia, and played in the NFL for five years.

He has now retired and is currently in his transition phase and has a great new job with ETC Group, where he does sales work.

I’ve never been more proud of my husband for his grace and strength departing and leaving a job he loved so much, but injuries plagued his future.

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Until then, I just go back to praying that I’ll wake up one day soon and feel great. Now my question is, should I post that video of my sweet handsome husband gagging? And this worry in my stomach of, ‘Will everything be okay?

To them, I have had a stomach bug for more than three months now.

I have seen pregnant women at my show and I’ve wanted to literally stop singing and just ask them when their sickness went away. Here’s to hoping that by the next blog, I’m able to scarf down lots of food!

Without getting into detail, it was a very stressful time for something that is supposed to be fun! But then came the part that I wasn’t quite prepared for: the morning sickness.

My heart goes out to the women who struggle with conceiving. My mother always told me to never use the word hate, BUT I HATE the word morning sickness. And people who don’t understand or haven’t been pregnant only think it’s in the morning.

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