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Text Slang About You, The Parents: Kids usually use these text abbreviations when they want to alert their friends that parents are nearby or when they have something to hide: 9 and CD9 both stand for "Code 9", which means parents are nearby 99 means, "Parents are gone" KPC stands for "Keeping Parents Clueless" MOS stands for "Mom Over Shoulder" P911 is a "Parent Alert" or "Parent Emergency" PAL stands for "Parents Are Listening" PAW and PRW both stand for "Parents Are Watching" PIR stands for "Parents In Room" POS stands for "Parents Over Shoulder"Text Slang About Exchanging Personal Information: Kids use certain acronyms to request or offer private personal information to one another. "Text Slang About Romantic, Sexual, Illegal, and Illicit Activity: If you see any of the shorthand in this section on your child's phone, it might be time to impose some new restrictions, as these codes involve communications of romantic, sexual affection or illegal activity, such as drug use.(Note: Not all of these codes automatically imply illicit behavior, but when used together they can give you key insights into your child's activities and whereabouts.) 143, 459 and ILU all mean, "I love you" 1174 is an invitation to meet at a particular place, often for a wild party 2nite means, "tonight" 420 refers to marijuana.

This is a particularly unsafe, as predators pretending to be a child's peer can use this approach to obtain information from the child that can be used against them while keeping the request hidden from parents. 53X is code for "sex" 8 is code for oral sex AMEZRU translates to, "I am easy, are you?

Testa i vostri punti comuni creando il tuo meetic Test e invitando le persone che ti piacciono a farlo.Pubblica un annuncio personale, dirà molto su di te e sulla tua ricerca. Più contatterai persone che sembrano adatte a te, più avrai possibilità di fare un incontro interessante.Pubblica almeno 3 tue foto, la tua descrizione sarà così più credibile. Connettiti regolarmente (guadagnerai posizioni nelle liste di ricerca se il tuo profilo è attivo).Below is a complete list of text slang, (which changes constantly) that we weren't able to share on air, as many are graphic in nature.What is Text Slang: Text slang, or text speak, is a shorthand children use when communicating digitally in order to have conversations of a mature nature without their parents, teachers or other adults being privy.

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