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Like Mao, this breed of Republican pursues complete cultural erasure to create blank-slate societies on which to paint beautiful, dollar-green pictures.

Klein later mentioned that Greenspan, a Friedmanite and (Ayn) Randian, wrote in his memoir that Rand’s novels and “philosophy” lent a morality to what he was already doing as a Wall Street ingenue; to which Hodge quipped, “That’s the best kind of morality.” True enough, but as I left the chilly auditorium and made my way through the old library, it occurred to me that the world might be a bit better if The Shock Doctrine sold as many copies as Atlas Shrugged, or even if Klein and Hodge could pack the Celeste Bartos Forum as easily as Bernard-Henri Lvi and Tina Brown, with their bloviations on American culture, did many months ago.

Remember that the best gift you could give me is a reading suggestion.Second, instead of entering the building and sliding into the majestic Celeste Bartos Forum, I was shunted through a labyrinthine trail down halls, around corners, up one elevator, through more halls, down another elevator, and up some stairs, until I realized that I was treading on the old marble of the original edifice no longer, but on a space-age chrome superstructure built inside—but not attached to—the library walls.A neat architectural trick, no doubt mandated by landmark laws, but it served as an appropriate introduction to the issues that would be discussed therein by antiglobalization poster gal Naomi Klein and Harper’s editor Roger Hodge—the use of military force (or the exploitation of natural disasters) to erase all vestiges of a country’s traditional culture and install a gleaming new free-market utopia for US corporate interests.My favorite book ever by this writer is La guerra del fin del mundo (The War of the End of the World in English.) As I wrote before, Latin American writers have been trying to create a great Latin American love story for a very long time now. Vargas Llosa’s attempt at this goal, however, (titled The Bad Girl: A Novel) is better than most.It’s also one of the most recent novels by this newly-minted Nobel Prize winner.– Another Peruvian whose work I’m reading right now is Alfredo Bryce Echenique.

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