Irritated being single dating

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The fact that we're both 30-somethings (with many relationships in our wakes) makes it easier; we're straightforward, we don't play games, and everything is on the table.

Maybe this time I'll get it right, but if things don't work out, I know I'll be OK.

Nowadays, my dates either live alone in grown-up apartments or come back to my grown-up apartment.

If I'm lucky, I even get poached eggs for breakfast.

But, I figured, if Robin Wright can snag a hot younger boyfriend after 15 years of marriage and a very public divorce, I could at least give dating a shot.

To my pleasant surprise, my 30-something confidence combined with the dawn of casual online dating culture made for one damn fun year and a half.

We all have those friends who jump from relationship to relationship, and each time, they are “totally and completely in love."For those of us who have been single longer than two of their relationships combined, we can’t help but wonder how someone can possibly be “in love” with all these people. You’re not looking out for him or her -- you’re looking out for you.

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When I spend the night with someone, I don't have to worry about roommates or futons. For the first time in your life, you want to put someone else’s needs before your own. When you’re in love, it’s all about the other person.Turned out, dating as a divorced 35-year-old was a great way to pass the time until I felt ready for a relationship again. I decided to take my mum's advice and ignore my own hangups.Behold the 16 stages of my journey, illustrated with GIFs featuring sassy women. No one bats an eye if you go out with a 22-year-old or a 40-year-old. Also, what's the point of going on dates if I am not ready for a relationship? Anyone who knows a single man in his mid-30s wanted to fix me up with him.

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