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Together with Lee Dong-gun as the King and Yeon Woo-Jin as Prince Lee Yeok she forms a psychologically intense triangle. History tells us that the eventual fate of Shin Chae-kyung as Queen Dangyeong was devastating because of her father's actions.. this is a good drama, actors compliment with each other. It has not disappointed me and I don't think it will at all, which is a huge statement to me. In life's reality, more often than not, you can hardly have both worlds. Difficult to choose love over fate to rule or ambition or clamor from people. although tv acting awards in Korea are based on popularity or tv ratings. The plot may be common but the character development is amazing.

Omg we all day is scariest mother in law is in all k drama but the Queen (mil) is probably the second scariest since she so calm see where the oldest son got the loose nut from definitely not the father. This love story under the shadow of an unstable king that turned from an initially proper ruler into a destructive psychopath is very well acted. At the center of the story, Park Min-yong creates the character of Shin Chae-Kyung as a bright, fearless, free-spirited yet dutiful young woman increasingly torn between her private love and the public fights across aristocratic families for political power and wealth. OMG i cant belive there's only 2 last eps this drama is so touch my heart every eps i watch i always fall my tears down for about 1L idk why the ratting is so low why??? Interesting drama, get to know about the history and how people in the past was so obsessed with the throne ? Commenting here to let other people try watching this. Hopefully It would be a happy ending because this drama started off with the queen being exiled just now finish watch ep16.. This made both the snails, the king and the evil minister look dumb during those scenes, especially when the entire group moved as a pack undetected in and out when the writer found it convenient. IMO, The Ruler Master of the mask is so overrated and its is not consistent in story development compare to Queen for 7 days, it started good but it became draggy in the middle part of the story and it has a rushed end, it has only a high ratings because the actors/actresses are very popular....People that time are all suffering from paranoia, a paranoid society... Chae Kyung is also human on her right mind, that living & surviving is the best way to show your endless love.. Hope to see those 3 main cast in the future This drama is crazy!! Amazing flawless drama especially the last few episode. Woo Jin & Min Young are superb excellent acting especially their cries scene. The casts, PDnim, writernim, all crews, makes this drama soooooooooo touches. Kudos and a huge thanks to the whole cast of this drama. i'm having a hard time taking the last episode's ending... I don't know why the director would think of ending this show so bad.Cries tears aparts but still manage to look so handsome, beautiful & touching. QF7D is my 1st historical drama that i really win my heart to keep watching episode after episode... I will surely missed the tandem of park min young and yoen woo have a good chemistry. i hope they have some project together as couple in the future... The final episode is beautifully written - and superbly acted. but still having my hopes for a better ending though i know it would not be a happily ever after" for yeok and chae gyung... How could you say that by beheading yourself, you will protect your love for each other until the end? I'm gonna cry again like scarlet Heart Ryeo endings ........Chae-kyung also has to cope with her understanding of the King himself whom she initially liked and tried to influence positively. A lot of good lesson to get..about trust and betrayal! the actors and actress are amazing...wishing to see them again another drama with the same cast! He looked scary and realistic many times that you wonder if he has mental issues in real life or if he was exposed to this in life. I have never been into saguek dramas, but I decided to check out this one because the history behind it all intrigued me so much. I was so touched and moved to tears when the prince gave up His throne in favor of his wife to the shocking amazement of the king. I always wish the day to wed and thurs just to watch it and luckily this drama always met my excitement this drama is spectacular..i wonder why the ratings in korea is so low.. a gem has been discovered by international audience which is Yeon Woo Jin.But now this psychopath King who deeply fears his half-brother Lee Yeok enjoys abusing his total control over Shin Chae-Kyung's life. I can see why Director Lee Jung-sub decided to work with actress Park Min-young for a third time. The acting is phenomenal and you will understand once you see. This is a beautiful historical Korean drama well written. I was more touched when the put his head on his mother's lap and asked her questions after losing the love of his life. the actors are so amazing they portray their characters very's flawless..i love the character of the king the actor did a very excellent with the prince and chae kyung.story is so good.drama is earning good feedback worldwide just like scarlet heart ryeo that was underrated in korea but so popular and hit the storm worldwide.i defnitely recommend it.the way im not just a teenager a career woman with a child in 30's and from canada. even though it's quite upsetting that Korean audience don't appreciate this amazing drama, hope the casts won't get disheartened and keep working hard. Acting wise, the major actors did a great act suppressing and expressing their roles.

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