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Students will develop the skills necessary to critically evaluate sources and communicate information appropriately, effectively, and ethically.

Learning Outcomes Students meeting this competency will be able to do the following: Quantitative Reasoning is the ability to efficiently process data, interpret it, represent it using mathematical forms, and solve numerical and applied mathematical problems.

Students will examine the encoding of messages for different audiences and decoding of messages to reconstruct meaning.

Students will assess appropriate communication strategies for various audiences and evaluate ethical issues that arise from communicating with others as well as utilize effective oral and interpersonal presentation strategies and methods.

Students will use mathematical forms, logical reasoning, and valid techniques to solve problems related to their fields of study as well as their personal lives.

In crafting a General Education program that reflects the mission statement, the faculty believed that students graduating from the University should first of all possess certain competencies that define a college-educated person.In structuring this part of the General Education program, the faculty formulated eight general goals in the areas of cultural and aesthetic awareness, literature, science, history, diversity awareness, social and personal awareness, political science, and humanities.These goals were then defined in greater detail as learning outcomes within each subject area.In curricular terms, this takes the form of a competency block in which students must demonstrate proficiency in applied ethics, information technology, critical thinking, mathematics, and written and oral communication.These learning skills are valuable in and of themselves and, doubly so, when used as means to realize the intellectual growth and shared search for truth of the mission statement. A liberal arts education is rooted in the idea of preparing a person for life as a citizen in a free society and, so, demands breadth.

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