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Although it is a floral fruity it has something classic and warm. It has its own trace, a powdery one, soaked in violet. I have always had the EDT and never knew an EDP was available until recently. The EDP version is not as sharp to my nose as the EDT and I do love it even more so.Violet is such a pretty and lovely flower and this perfume highlights it in its own way. If you want to try a different floral fruity, with a wonderful creamy violet, with a naughty touch, made by two of the best perfumers, than this is the one. The notes are very much the same only even more elegant and it last forever on my skin and clothes! I hope they never change the formula, nor discontinue this beautiful scent. I detect mostly violet, raspberry, iris and cranberry. Not exactly my cup of tea but definitely impressive and worth trying.:) The first thing you'll notice is that the EDT right off the bat has a lot of 'pinkness' to it; you can sense right away that it is a more youthful version, and the fluffier, girly frou-frou version of the two.In the EDT, you're hit with the candied hairspray note right away along with raspberry; it's not in the official note description but when compared with the EDP, the EDT has an unmistakable cotton candy (ethyl maltol) note.I loved it and remember loving it and so decided to by a bottle with some Christmas money, I was craving a powdery purple flower scent. It will be a repurchase for me when I run out, I hope the new Bee Bottles are here to stay. After a few hours this scent really blooms into it's peak sweetness when the scent transforms from a dusting of scented face powder to a creamy high-end tube of lipstick. It's everything a perfume should be and smell like. Xo I have had this one when I was in high school and I really enjoyed wearing it - a bottle lasted a whole year, I still keep it and smell it from time to time. :) I feel such a beautiful candied raspberry here, along with the powdery violet. Maybe I oversprayed but that was with a spray on each wrist.

It's not something I would wear, but I can see why some people like it. It felt very suffocating with the over abundance of vanilla, powder and everything sweet.But, Guerlain is not afraid to surprise, and even provoke. So I finally found a store that had a tester of Insolence EDT and it's a love!There is a delicate and soft violet waiting for you in the top notes, followed by red-fruits cocktail with raspberry domination. I have also noticed that Insolence and Pink Extasy by Montale share a kinship. I was convinced I wouldn't like it and was ready to dismiss it, but my oh my, this is lovely!I didn't open the box when I returned home from Sephora (luckily! The very next day I heard a dear friend of mine praising Insolence and I thought "let's try it" (I don't know how I hadn't until then). I need something that instantly makes me feel happy. It opens with a fruity cocktail with a bitter note. After a while, a powdery violet appears and dominates the heart of the perfume.The tonka from the base gives a sweet touch to this graceful violet. It is a perfume full of challenges and not simple at all, as one might think.

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