Shidduch dating websites

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“We look for clues to make sure people are Jewish, and check into their communities.

We also charge a fee, which helps cut out people who aren’t serious.

“I had to be given all the references, call them all up. Now, I just push a button and I see the whole profile,” she says.

Recently described by “If I’m familiar with one of the parties already, I can call and propose [the match] to the other [party] right away,” says Weinberg.

However, since the shadchanim don’t know the parties personally, the matches suggested, she says, sometimes have a random “skirt-meets-pants feel.” “I have received a few on-target matches through SYAS,” Chana admits, “and have communicated with a matchmaker who put in effort to get to know my preferences . It all depends on the individual and on the matchmaker he or she chooses.” She acknowledges that the large SYAS database has the advantage of allowing her to meet people beyond her immediate social circles.

The popular site does not use shadchanim, which suits Yitz just fine.

“I can now get information on a shidduch from a foreign country in minutes,” Pensak says.

While Shidduch Vision has been used by singles in Toronto, Chicago, Baltimore and Los Angeles, Cohn seems frustrated that more daters aren’t taking advantage of it.

“Hashem made technology so we could benefit from it! “We have the wheel here, but people aren’t riding.” Online Dating Sites Many shidduchim are still arranged locally through shadchanim or friends.

SYAS profiles are available only to the site’s matchmakers until a shidduch is set up.

According to Chana, a single at Stern College for Women in New York, the SYAS profiles she sees usually contain more information than those she gets when she’s set up the more traditional way. Experiences vary; some people have mentioned getting over a hundred [suggested] matches over the course of a couple of years [on SYAS] and going out with less than ten of those.

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