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Deerhunter – Fading Frontier CD/LP MP3 (4AD) The seventh full-length studio release for the Atlanta indie rock band was produced with Ben H. “Cox drew an ‘influence map’ for this record, one which included R. While Deerhunter’s created a number of indelible songs over their career, sees the Swiss-Nepalese producer, vocalist, and label-owner resume her dark and intricate self-journey and investigation of the disconnection between matter and spirit in society, commenting upon media, consumerism, and collective mental and spiritual resistance, and finding inner peace.

The album is a moving landscape of interconnected themes and experimental techniques.

Set to tape inside Powhatan Correctional Center on the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia, these intimate 1979 sessions unlock the prison gates and peer into a collective consciousness concocted by a core of four confined artists.

Assembled from distant love ballads and fanciful odes to freedom, is a prison letter composed by committee recorded hastily, and circulated regionally amongst adventurous clientele willing to take a chance on these felonious talents.

The title track ‘Incitation’ submerges dark and discordant brass under angular synths and frenzied beats.

“It’s challenging, Christine says, to be attempting full-scale U. crossover success while also combatting the norms of an industry she’s attempting to pierce, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Coma don’t want to settle on whether they actually are a dance act or a pop outfit.

“The thing that bothers me is that sometimes I do interviews and they’re like, ‘Oh, so you’re like the good woman, ‘cause you’re not trivializing your body,’’ she says. You’re not selling your body like Miley Cyrus.’ I love Miley! Counting Days – Liberated Sounds CD/LP MP3 (Mascot) Formed in 2014, Counting Days entwine a complex and ferocious blend of hardcore punk, thrash and British heavy metal which has already marked them out as one of the most exciting and talked about metalcore acts in Britain.

It would feel disorganized if it wasn’t for the sharp stab of her voice piercing through the noise.” – Stereoum. Birthmark – How You Look When You’re Falling Down CD/LP MP3 (Polyvinyl) Birthmark is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Nate Kinsella, who on top of releasing three previous albums under the Birthmark moniker, has collaborated with his cousins Mike and Tim Kinsella in various projects over the years (Owen, American Football, Joan Of Arc, Make Believe).

Raoul Björkenheim with Ecstasy – Out Of The Blue CD (Cuneiform) Ecstasy is usually an all too fleeting experience offering the briefest glimpse at transcendence.

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