Unwritten dating rules

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People always think that they would never quiz their date about their expectations, hopes and plans for their future, but incredibly the topic always seems to erupt into dates unexpectedly.

Asking someone about their life plans however should never be done unless you have had, at a minimum, five or more dates with that person.

Here we show you 10 of the most important unwritten dating rules: Always have something to say A boring date that has nothing to say is an instant turn-off and turning up to your date unarmed with ‘conversation ammo’ is a rule breaking crime you must avoid.

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There may not be a book that we can flick through to read up on these social rules – such as, ‘how do I tell my mother-in-law she’s tucked her skirt into her knickers? If you want to be successful in the world of dating you need to study and learn these unwritten rules of dating and abide.Please trust us when we say that a greasy face and sticky hands is not a good look.Never ask about future plans This dating rule is broken far too often.This trait can be great if your date is the silent type, but talking non-stop might mean that you don’t ask your date any questions about themselves and instead you dictate the conversation, talking about yourself for the entire evening.This will make you seem self-obsessed, selfish and arrogant.

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