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Civil war prints included small pictures of cannons and flags.The Centennial in 1876 inspired more pictorial prints on patriotic themes.There’s one thing we can say about quilts: they have endurance.An American tradition, vintage quilt patterns often date back to our colonial days.Paisleys, stripes, geometrics and florals are often seen on fabric during this period.Conversational prints of animals, sports and sewing motifs became popular.Many popular quilt designs today come from these vintage patterns, and having vintage quilts around allows us to continue replicating them in new and exciting ways.If you’re new to quilting and are finding a lot of your patterns online, you might not know that a lot of today’s popular quilt patterns actually go back several hundred years!

Simply changing the color of a quilt block is a great way to turn it on its head and make people look at it a different way.

Making a super-sized one-block quilt is a fabulous and easy way to highlight your quilting skills (since they’ll show up more clearly) or use a large-scale print.

While we have blogs, magazines, books and printed patterns today, vintage quilt patterns were often circulated person-to-person and constructed in bees.

Churn dash, lone star, double wedding ring and hexagon quilts are all vintage quilt patterns that boast a long history.

(Did you know that the double wedding ring motif goes back to ancient Rome?!

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