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Barbara spent the rest of the day and all that evening weighing the pros and cons of the whole proposition.It did appear that complete secrecy would be guaranteed.Her agent thanked her for looking at the tapes, and again reassured her about the absolute secrecy of the project.Two days later, as Barbara was going through some paperwork in her home, the doorbell rang.The auditions consisted of each of the boys reading some lines, then stripping to show their bodies, then kissing and fondling a model to show how they looked with an erection.She was impressed with the boys they had assembled for this; they were all good looking, and all very athletic. If she had been fifteen years younger, she could have seen herself getting it on with either of them, even if it weren’t for a movie.She knew that all the boys on the tapes had probably entered puberty watching her as “Jeannie” on TV. He looked young for his age, maybe sixteen; that was one of the reasons Barbara picked him; that, plus his color.But she wasn’t aware that she had been the subject of the first masturbations of most of them, including the two she picked. She thought the variety would be interesting; she had never tried brown before.

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When her agent made the proposal to her, Barbara’s immediate answer was a flat “No.” She had invested too much in her career to take a chance on something like this destroying it.

He also assured her that it would be up to her alone to decide who would appear in the movie with her.

He gave her a copy of the script just in case she changed her mind. It was about a couple of high school football players who went over to the coach’s house to watch a tape of their next opponent’s game from the previous week.

Her two favorites were both medium height, with dark hair, and very athletic builds. He would play Eric, the junior, and the white boy would play Ron, the senior.

The next day when her agent called, Barbara told him which boys she liked, but was still noncommital about doing the project.

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