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To actually uninstall the plugins, use the Control Panel Regular PC maintenance is often neglected, leading to lost hard drive space and a bloated operating system that runs increasingly slower.

To avoid a dreaded Windows re-installation, you should perform a thorough cleanup at least....

Sure, you can increase the update-checking frequency, but this is not the behavior of a company that cares about security.

It’s no wonder that Chrome blocks Java from running by default and instructs users to only run it on websites they trust.

Some readers found my comments encouraging people to uninstall Java if they don’t use it Oracle’s Java runtime software is required to run Java applets on websites and desktop software written in the Java programming language. I’ll also tell you what you can do to help protect yourself. Having Java installed increases your attack surface.

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And, instead of automatically updating, it shows a little system tray icon that many inexperienced users will ignore.Plugins are far behind browsers when it comes to security practices, particularly automatic updates.Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and even Internet Explorer now automatically update by default.IE 6 is still a problem to this day and accelerating browser development are on the verge of obsoleting plugins completely.New platforms like i OS, Windows Phone, and the Metro environment on Windows 8 don’t support Flash.

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