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‘This report raises many serious issues about the use of public money, the scale and range of the payments made, and the extent to which some individuals gained.

For this reason we will be referring all relevant information to the Audit Commission, HMRC, Charity Commission, and other appropriate bodies.’Last night Mr Wilkins said the council had been ‘aggressive and hostile’ to the academy and the ‘audit was conducted in a similar vein’.

Parents today want “visible” heads, heads who meet them at the door, who know that Oscar has just won a maths Olympiad or that Sophie is going on the skiing trip. Which makes it tricky if you are a really good head, admired by your peers, co-opted on to committees and elected to high office.

The sort of straight-talking head you find at an über-successful super-fab comprehensive”. Given that one can’t go much higher in his profession than Eton, it is reasonable to suppose that he might stick around for the next 20 years or so. He hardly looks 38 and is positively boyish in energies and demeanour.

Thirty years ago, a good school had one deputy head – usually responsible for time-tabling and the relocation of chairs.

Being a deputy head was an important role and not just the necessary step before applying for the top job.

The audit report said the consultancy payments to the superhead’s private company were ‘not legitimate’.

Mr Wilkins was asked to repay £80,000, but the report says that both the head and the academy ‘are claiming nothing is to be repaid’.

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