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With an ensemble cast led by Busy Philipps, Vince Vieluf, Reagan Gomez-Preston, Ion Overman and Holly Robinson Peete, the show revolves around five matchmakers working at a dating agency.The series was produced by Chase TV, the Littlefield Company, Burg/Koules Television, and Paramount Television.The show was set in New York City, but filming took place at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles and other locations in California.It included contemporary hip hop music and was promoted heavily by UPN to attract an urban audience, and to that end it was paired with Everybody Hates Chris as its lead-in on Thursday nights. suffered from low viewership despite its high ratings among young Hispanic women; it was canceled following UPN's merger with the WB to launch the CW in 2006. features a staff of single friends desperately looking for love.After being contacted by her ex-boyfriend, Denise Johnson grows excited about the possibility that they will re-kindle their romance.She is disappointed to discover that he instead wants to use her skills as an expert matchmaker to find a new partner. band together to help their boss Clea Lavoy adjust to single life after her husband Daniel divorces her to pursue a relationship with a much younger woman.

According to Vince Vieluf, the casting change from Doherty to Philipps led to the series being retooled as an ensemble show featuring all the members of the agency rather than focusing on Denise.

At the American Black Film Festival in Miami earlier this month I sat down with Arnold, and she dished candidly on her experiences working on the hit ’90s sitcom: her favorite on-camera improvised moment, how she felt about always being the butt of Martin’s cruel jokes and insults, and her thoughts on whether or not the show played into colorism in its treatment of Gina and Pam.

– shows that were some of the highest-rated among black households for some of those years.

On April 12, 2005, United Paramount Network (UPN) announced that Doherty was in talks for the lead role while Reagan Gomez-Preston was being considered for the role of the lead character's "longtime friend, co-worker and roommate" and Ion Overman for an unspecified part.

When queried by an interviewer about Doherty's removal from the show, executive producer Warren Littlefield said the actress was "fabulous" in the role.

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