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However the one character that is SO ANNOYING AND UNBELIEVABLE is Yoo-Ri. Her trying to be cute comes off as her being someone, SLOW, LACKING IN THE BRAINS, SOMEONE THAT'S REALLY SLIGHTLY LACKING IN IQ! Agree with all the reviews on her - incredibility ANNOYING, IRRITATING and NOT FUNNY! The writer must know how annoying this character is or the actress playing her is - Kim Soo-Hyun is supposedly one of the most respected writer of K-Drama and she allows this? Good thing I enjoy this type of family kdrama and there isn't anything better going on but Yoo-Ri's character is killing the show. “Jin” is a 2009 Japanese drama series directed by Hirakawa Yuichiro.It is based on a manga by the same title written by Motoka Murakami.

This is not some of the usual hit dramas that has some thrilling moment and make you want to watch fast, it has nice slow pace like you do in everyday life. I highly recommended to watch this show it's fun and there is a lesson to learn. The actors are incredible and the writing is so very real taking you on a journey with this family so that you feel that you know them like they are your very own neighbours!

Jin Minakata (Takao Osawa) is a brain surgeon who has been grieving for the past two years because his fiancée has been in a coma after a surgery that he performed to try to save her.

But his life is turned upside down one day when he tries to catch a runaway patient and is accidentally transported back to the Edo Period.

she can be a single mother who was put in jail due to the choice she've made. All have excellent acting skills, even the actor acted as Yong Tae Wu and Sena!

Celebrities are just ordinary people who does things because they choose to do it. Han Ji Min is one of my fav actress, she did a great great job in rooftop prince ( i loooooved this drama ❤️❤️) so if you didn't like her in hyde jekyll me she is not the problem!!! Both of your acting skills was excellent and it was so natural and there is a sense of sincerity in your acting, so much so that I want to believe you are actually Park Ha and Yoo Chun, Lee Gak and remain as them. Like many who have said before me, you and Yoo Chun look good together.

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